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MYSTIC BRAINS stands as a distinguished corporate training establishment, founded under the visionary leadership of the renowned motivational luminary and business mentor, Mr. Vikram Sharma. Our extensive portfolio boasts over a century of workshops and 150 motivational sessions delivered across diverse educational institutions. Presently, Mystic Brains is diligently crafting an innovative curriculum tailored exclusively for students in both schools and colleges, meticulously considering their cognitive patterns, interests across various fields, behavioral dynamics, and even their playful tendencies.

At the core of our offerings lies the program “Business ki Pathshala,” precisely curated for both school and college students as well as aspiring entrepreneurs. This program serves as furnishing a revolutionary platform for experiential business learning. Embedded within the curriculum are comprehensive business concepts, carefully interwoven to foster the development of budding entrepreneurial skills. The overarching aim of this initiative is to cultivate and nurture entrepreneurial acumen from an early age, thereby catalyzing a surge in startups and nurturing the spirit of self-reliance, in alignment with the vision of a resilient and self-sufficient “Aatm-Nirbhar Bharat.”

Mystic Brains boasts an extensive spectrum of concise and comprehensive modules designed for scholastic and collegiate scholars, complemented by tailor-made offerings for corporate entities. Our journey commenced with a noble aspiration to contribute to society’s welfare. Over time, Mystic Brains has sculpted a distinctive niche within the realm of training and development. This is achieved through the cultivation of refined proficiencies in business communication, analytical skills, comprehension, and critical thinking, all thoughtfully integrated within an array of courses encapsulated under the “Business Ki Pathshala” umbrella.

Simultaneously, our focus extends to the empowerment of trainers and educators. Through cutting-edge methodologies and contemporary tools, we equip these mentors with a weapon of apt resources, thereby enabling them to effectively impart knowledge and skills to their students. This enhances the quality of education and knowledge dissemination within the learning ecosystem.


Empowering Minds, Shaping Futures – At Mystic Brains, our vision is to be a beacon of transformative learning and development, dedicated to nurturing the seeds of entrepreneurship and fostering a culture of innovation among students and aspiring entrepreneurs, strengthening the corporate world by our corporate trainings, enhancing the skills by providing trainings of communication skills, leadership & management skills, team work & collaboration, sales & marketing skills, network and relationship building, public speaking, presentation skills, teachers training. We envision a world where every individual, regardless of their background, is equipped with the entrepreneurial mindset and skills necessary to thrive in the ever-evolving global landscape.


Mystic Brains is committed to driving positive transformation in individuals, educational institutions, and corporate entities through our holistic approach to learning and development. Our mission is to

Nurturing Entrepreneurial Acumen

We aim to ignite the spark of entrepreneurship in young minds by offering innovative and engaging educational programs that equip students with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to turn their ideas into successful ventures.

Promoting Self-Reliance and Innovation

We are dedicated to contributing to the vision of a self-reliant and innovative nation. Through our programs, we strive to empower individuals to create their paths, fostering a culture of innovation, and catalyzing the growth of startups.

Elevating Educational Standards

We aspire to elevate the quality of education by providing educators and trainers with cutting-edge methodologies, tools, and resources that enhance their effectiveness in imparting knowledge and skills.

Strengthening Corporate Competence

In the corporate world, we are committed to enhancing the capabilities of professionals through tailor-made training solutions. Our corporate training programs focus on refining business communication, critical thinking, and analytical skills, thereby contributing to the growth and efficiency of organizations.

Creating Impactful Change

Mystic Brains is dedicated to making a positive impact on society. We measure our success not just by financial metrics but also by the transformative changes we bring to individuals, institutions, and the entrepreneurial ecosystem as a whole. Through our visionary leadership, innovative curriculum, and commitment to excellence, we are determined to shape the future of education and entrepreneurship, enriching lives, and contributing to the advancement of a dynamic and self-reliant corporate world.

Elevating Educational Standards

We aspire to elevate the quality of education by providing educators and trainers with cutting-edge methodologies, tools, and resources that enhance their effectiveness in imparting knowledge and skills.

Foster Entrepreneurial Spirit

Our mission revolves around cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset that thrives on innovation, creativity, and resilience. We believe that fostering this spirit from an early age will not only nurture future entrepreneurs but also imbue all individuals with the problem-solving and adaptive skills needed to navigate the complexities of the modern world.

Cultivate Innovation

Through our unique blend of experiential learning and innovative curriculum, we strive to foster a culture of innovation that transcends traditional boundaries. By encouraging individuals to think outside the box and embrace novel ideas, we contribute to the growth of groundbreaking startups and the continuous evolution of established businesses.

Empower Educators

We are dedicated to empowering educators and trainers with the latest methodologies, tools, and resources that enrich their teaching capabilities. By equipping them with the means to impart knowledge effectively and inspire a love for learning, we impact the quality of education and contribute to the development of skilled and motivated individuals.

Enrich Corporate Dynamics

Our corporate training programs are designed to strengthen the corporate world by enhancing the skills and competencies of professionals. By focusing on communication, leadership, teamwork, and other crucial skills, we contribute to building cohesive teams, effective leaders, and thriving workplaces that drive organizational success. - In alignment with our vision, our mission drives us to be pioneers in transformative learning experiences that transcend traditional boundaries. By nurturing entrepreneurial acumen, fostering innovation, and enhancing skills, we empower individuals to shape their futures, create lasting impacts, and contribute to a globally competitive and resilient society

WhyMystic Brains

    Each motivational talk is designed and customized for maximum results
    Powerful messages are delivered using simple languages to create a bias for action
    Every session is incorporated with examples, exercises, live sharing and soul stirring music to keep the attendees engaged throughout
    Every talk has a strong call for action that leads into noticeable change and improvement
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