Energy band photography is a high-tech bio-feedback imaging camera that takes a photo of your dynamic electromagnetic field.
The photo captured is a window to your inner self. You can see and get in touch with what is going on in your personal space. Your aura is as individual as your fingerprint and understanding it is a powerful aid in expanding your intuitive awareness. The ENERGY BAND photo provides you with this opportunity. Use it as a self discovery tool to help gain a deeper understanding of your special chakra energy. Each chakra shown in the photo reveals a particular aspect of your personality and has a specific meaning just for you. It is your own truth. Your personal aura photograph can foster a desire to learn more about your chakra colors – what they mean and how they affect you. It is an opportunity to understand more about your E S S E N C E. Your chakra colors do change as you change. This technique has recently become the talk of the town – many professionals , corporates and celebrities are getting their aura captured to get a deeper insight of them as a person and to analyze and improve their vibes

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